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When you need the assistance of a professional cleaning company in Edmonton, Winniebeck General Cleaning Contractor Ltd has you covered.

For years we have been providing superior services to businesses and homeowners in the local area, and we’d be happy to deliver you highly personalized care.

Whether you want to hire our team on a one-time or ongoing basis, we have you covered.

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Professional Cleaning Services

While plenty of property owners keep on top of cleaning themselves, outsourcing it to a professional has a range of benefits that can’t be overlooked. Professional cleaners can:

  • Help keep allergens away
  • Deep clean your spaces
  • Keep mold away
  • Deliver cleaning care that keeps your family and loved ones safe and healthy
  • Reduce fatigue and stress you may experience
  • Ensure your space is free of viruses

If you are still deciding whether professional cleaning services are the right choice for you, let our experts know. We’ll be happy to chat with you about your options in more detail.

Maintain Your Business Space with Commercial Cleaning

Keeping your business in tip-top shape should be a priority, and if you are looking to outsource the task to a professional team, Winniebeck General Cleaning Contractor Ltd has you covered. We will take the time to understand your cleaning needs and develop a plan and schedule that suits your space perfectly.

We have spent years working on commercial properties, and we understand the nature of working in these spaces. We can work around the clock and accommodate your hours of operation, so please let us know what works best.

Maintaining a clean, tidy commercial space will have a direct impact on the reputation of your business, so don’t risk it. Instead, let our team take care of it.

Enjoy Your Downtime when Your Hire a Home Cleaners

Cleaning your spaces properly takes time and commitment, not to mention a slew of equipment and materials. However, hiring a professional to take care of these tasks will allow you to enjoy your downtime at home or stay focused on building your business at work.

Cleaning your spaces properly takes time and commitment, not to mention a slew of equipment and materials. However, hiring a professional to take care of these tasks will allow you to enjoy your downtime at home or stay focused on building your business at work.

Highly Customized Cleaning Services

No two properties are the same, and your approach to cleaning will be unique too. Our team will take the time to understand the kind of assistance you’re looking for and create a custom service that meets your needs without blowing your budget. If you want us to work with specific techniques or cleaning products, let our experts know. We’re always happy to take your requests.

Competitive Rates on Home Cleaning

Our cleaning services are among the most affordable on the market today, and we look forward to sharing our great rates with you.

To get a cost breakdown for your unique property, give our experts a call. We’ll schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience, survey your property and crunch some numbers without delay.

Call the Area’s Best Professional Cleaners

Winniebeck General Cleaning Contractor Ltd is Edmonton's most trusted cleaning company. Whether you need office cleaning services or residential everyday cleaning, we are here for you.

For affordable and reliable cleaning, call us at (780) 200-6622 to get a quote today.

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Leading Cleaning Services in Edmonton

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the most affordable, high-quality cleaning company in Alberta. We do not offer a 'one size fits all' service. All our clients, as well as their homes and offices, are different. Therefore, so should their cleaning plan.

When you contact us about our services, we will book you in for a consultation at your earliest convenience. We can customize our cleaning arrangements depending on the size of your property, type of cleaning needed, and frequency of cleaning. Our service begins as soon as we pick up your call and are on the ball until the job gets done. So, reach out for more information today!

Full-Service Cleaning Company

Winniebeck General Cleaning Contractor Ltd offers a variety of cleaning services from janitorial cleaning to residential cleaning. Browse our full-service list below.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Typically, our commercial cleaning services include:

  • Floor stripping and waxing
  • Concrete floor polishing
  • Vacuuming
  • Disinfecting all surfaces
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Staff kitchen cleaning
  • Office cleaning

For comprehensive commercial cleaning, you need a reliable team, and that is exactly what Winniebeck General Cleaning Contractor Ltd can offer you. If there is a cleaning service that you need not listed above, we can without a doubt provide it for you.

Residential Cleaning Services

Typically, our residential cleaning services include:

  • Vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Dusting all surfaces
  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, kitchens
  • Cleaning linens
  • And more!

Everyone's home is different and Winniebeck General Cleaning Contractor Ltd is prepared to help you with any other residential cleaning services you may need. Contact us to discuss your cleaning needs today.

A High-Quality Cleaning Company That is Affordable

At Winniebeck General Cleaning Contractor Ltd, we consider your budget and adjust accordingly. All our commercial and residential cleaning services have flexible budget options to ensure that you get quality service for a price you can afford.

Reliable Cleaning Company and Dedicated Staff

We have an extremely thorough hiring process that allows us to hire the most diligent and respectful workers. We are also proud that we have had a consistent staff working with us throughout the years. It is known that cleaning companies have quick turnarounds, however, that is not the case for us. Our employees are honest and dedicated workers here to make sure you get the service you deserve.

Whether it is janitorial services or maid services, our employees treat each task as seriously as the last.

Our Cleaning Company's Reputation is Backed Up by Proven Results

While we have made a name for ourselves in Edmonton, we have also built great relationships with clients in Calgary and Red Deer as well. We are looking to expand our clientele and bring more people the cleaning services they deserve.

If you need a quality cleaning company at an affordable price, call Winniebeck General Cleaning Contractor Ltd at (780) 200-6622 to get a customized cleaning plan and quote today!

Cleaning Company in Edmonton

Residential and commercial clients agree that when they need a cleaning company in Edmonton, they turn to Winniebeck General Cleaning Contractor Ltd. Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the most affordable and highest-quality cleaners around. From janitorial services to maid services, we do it all—at a higher standard than the competition.

Find out why we’re one of the region’s top-rated cleaning companies. Call now to get a quote!


Reliable Quotes for Cleaning Services

We are a responsive cleaning service dedicated to customer care from day one. We believe that top-tier cleaning services begin with the first phone call. We are friendly, helpful, and polite, and will help you get the cleaning services you need at a price that you can afford.

Let’s talk about budgets. Our cleaning services can be custom-tailored to suit the budgetary limitations of any homeowner or business. We base our estimates on:

  • Size of the property
  • Type of cleaning necessary
  • Services required
  • Frequency of cleaning

Mix and match to create a cleaning plan that meets your needs. We make cleaning easy! Call us now to get a quote.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Offices, restaurants, warehouses, and retail shops in Edmonton choose Winniebeck General Cleaning Contractor Ltd for their janitorial services. We provide high-quality commercial cleaning services that are guaranteed to meet the quality expectations of even the most discerning client.

To do that, we leverage a rigorous training program that pairs our team to the cleaning industry’s most advanced technology. We believe that by combining the right cleaning products with the right cleaning team, is the best way to guarantee satisfaction every day. Our janitorial services include:

  • Floor stripping and waxing
  • Concrete floor polishing
  • Vacuuming
  • Disinfecting all surfaces—especially “hot spots”
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Staff kitchen cleaning
  • Office cleaning

If you need a reliable team dedicated to great cleaning services, call us now.

Residential Cleaning Services

You should be able to relax in your home after a long day’s work. You should not have to start cleaning straight away! Hire Winniebeck General Cleaning Contractor Ltd to perform house cleaning services, so that you can have more time to spend on the important things. We provide a complete range of maid and housekeeping services that will keep your home in top condition.

Whether you need us to come on a fixed schedule, or you need us to get things cleaned before (or after) a big party, we have the service for you. We are a team of certified professionals dedicated to doing work that you can rely on. Some cleaning services that we offer include:

  • Vacuuming floors
  • Mopping non-carpet floors
  • Dusting all surfaces
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Cleaning kitchens
  • Cleaning linens
  • Cleaning children’s rooms

We know you’ll appreciate the high standards that we have for our own work. Join hundreds of Edmontonians that already know that Winniebeck General Cleaning Contractor Ltd is the area’s best house cleaning company.

The City's Top-Recommended Apartment Cleaning Team

Are you moving into or out of an apartment? We're the city's most recommended apartment cleaning crew. Our reputation is built on exceptional quality service, timely turnarounds, and satisfied clients and landlords. Reach out to us to discover affordable and customizable janitorial services that will put that damage deposit back squarely into your purse or wallet.

Alternatively, if you love the apartment you live in, but it could use a little deep cleaning or regular kitchen and bathroom disinfection, we've got you covered. Connect with us to discover value-driven cleaning services that you can schedule–– be it one time or repeating according to the level of cleanliness you desire.

Why Hire the Best-Rated Maid Service Near You?

We understand your time is limited and valuable to you, and you'd like to spend more of it with your family, traveling, working, and pursuing your dreams. For this reason, we strive to continue to be the best-rated maid service near you.

Whether you need help getting your home or office in order for an event, or you'd like to sit down with us to customize a sanitization plan that works the best for you, we're confident you'll love our affordable pricing and flexible scheduling availabilities.

Here are just some of the ways we bring you peace of mind while keeping your home looking fantastic:

  • We are vetted, certified professionals who work respectfully within your home or business
  • We are well-equipped with top quality cleaning supplies and janitorial equipment
  • We follow all health and safety standards
  • We meet your high expectations—guaranteed

Free yourself from the monotony of scrubbing your bathroom and kitchen over and over again. Give us a call now and allow us to meet with you to discuss your unique needs during a free consultation.

High-Quality Housekeeping Services You Can Trust

Now more than ever, it is important to keep your living space as clean as it can be. Tracking in contagions and allergens from the outside world, however, is inevitable. Are you doing enough to protect yourself and your family from potential threats?

We offer the high-quality housekeeping services you can trust to assist you in keeping your home, pets, kids, and guests looking and, most importantly, feeling their best. For more information on our large selection of personalized sanitization solutions, reach out to book a consultation with our team.

Value-Driven Rates on Professional Cleaning

If you've ever read the labels on your home cleaning products, you already know that some cleaning solutions are only strong enough to kill the germs they've indicated on their label. Of course, this applies if you've also left the solution on the surface for the correct amount of time.

Our certified experts know our products and their operating instructions inside and out. We make sure you are receiving the level of disinfection you desire each and every time you hire us. Our budget-friendly rates make our professional cleaning services available to virtually everyone. Request an appointment to consult with us to find out more.

The Leading Cleaning Company in Edmonton

The point is: why settle for second best? When it comes to hiring the right cleaning company, choose the one that guarantees quality, affordability, and reliability. Choose the cleaning contractor with a reputation backed up by years of proven results.

Choose Winniebeck General Cleaning Contractor Ltd for your residential or commercial cleaning service. Call now.